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ContainerCo has the largest selection of 10, 20 and 40 foot containers spread across our nationwide depot network.

We have containers in varying grades/quality that can you use for unlimited possibilities. From storage, construction site offices, commercial offices, to accommodation, retail outlets, and pop-up cafes. As we like to say – a container offers “a world of possibilities”. Our team has an abundance of knowledge in the refrigeration, transport and container industry. With this knowledge, ContainerCo can find the solution to keep you and your customers on the right track. Whether it’s one container or 20 containers, everyone gets the same quality service at ContainerCo. We supply whatever shipping container you require to any location and your container purchase or hire is backed up by full after-delivery support.

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3m (l) x 2.4m (w) x 2.6m (h)

A 10ft container is perfect when space is limited.

Features: Easy Open Doors and Std Door Bar Options
Ideal for: Small pop-up café, Swimming pool bar area, Storage
Important info: Please note that these are more expensive than a 20ft (due to shipping and manufacturing costs)


6m (l) x 2.4m (w) x 2.6m (h)

Our 20ft containers are our most popular containers due to the many options of use. Ideal for storage, accommodation or retail/hospitality. Available in easy open door and in standard door bars. Comes factory-fitted with lock box.

Features: Easy Open Doors and Standard Door Bar Options, Fitted lock box
Ideal for: Storage, Accommodation, Retail/Hospitality – a world of possibilities!


12m (l) x 2.4m (w) x 2.6m (h)

Do you need to store a lot of stuff? Or looking for some accommmodation that offers a bit more room? If so, the 40 foot container is the best solution for you.

Features: Easy Open Doors and Std Door Bar Options
Ideal for: Storage, Accommodation, Retail/Hospitality



Perhaps you need portable chilled or frozen storage. For that, we have refrigerated containers (also known as reefers) for sale or hire. Our refrigerated containers come in all standard sizes and allow you to store and transport chilled or frozen goods safely and effectively. They are purpose-built to make things as easy and stress-free as possible.

When choosing a 3 phase refrigerated container (10/20/40ft) it is important to let us know what type of power outlet you have on your site. The temperature range is from +29°C to -25°C.

Single phase refrigerated containers come in 20ft only. The containers use a 16amp 240v power supply and have an operating temperature range of + 10°C to -20°C. These units are very efficient providing savings of up to 60% when compared with the three phase option. The single phase reefer comes with internal lighting, personnel door, emergency release door as standard.


Glowbox is a modern and transportable solar-powered flood-lighting solution – delivered in a recycled shipping container. Designed and developed using Kiwi ingenuity, the Glowbox provides a new and sustainable option for both short and long term large scale floodlighting requirements.

Turning daylight into electricity, the Glowbox uses clean energy to silently beam out 19,000 lumens (lighting an area the size of a soccer pitch) for more than 24 hours.

Glowbox is ideal for floodlighting a wide range of industrial and commercial sites including roadworks and storage yards, along with outdoor recreational /sport facilities, parks, and events.


A world of possibilities

Modifications have allowed containers to be used in a wide range of ways. Thanks to the range of modification options and types of containers available, you can have a shipping container modified to suit just about any storage or accommodation requirements you may have.

A world of possibilities

We supply whatever you require, wherever you require, and your container purchase or hire is backed up by full after-delivery support

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