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Our fantastic team can accommodate customer specifications and give you limitless options.

Modifications have allowed containers to revolutionise pop-up buildings. Thanks to the range of shipping container modification options and types of containers available, you can modify to suit just about any storage or accommodation requirements. From site offices, swimming pools, pop up bars, to luxury homes – the shipping container is becoming an increasingly common sight in our daily lives.

Thanks to a plethora of alterations and sizing options, buying or hiring containers to suit your specific needs has never been more accessible or popular.

Our containers are robust, well built, and closed off from wind and water. In addition, our shipping containers offer all the safety and security you could ever want with the optional lock boxes installed.

A Huge Variety of Specialised and General Purpose Solutions

We have provided countless people and businesses with practical and affordable solutions such as…


Other specifications

Flat Racks, Open Top, Side Door, Double Door, Removal & Relocation Options

Maybe you have oversized or wide goods that need transporting. In that case, we can provide open top or side opening containers that allow easier access to the contents.

The transporting of bulky or odd-shaped items can cause a headache for many. At ContainerCo, you won’t have to worry – we provide shipping container removals and relocation services, making it easier for you. 

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