Side Opening Shipping Containers – Benefits And Uses

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Side opening shipping containers are one of the most practical and useful shipping container modifications. This modification is a simple one but offers more options in regards to secure storage and functionality.

Side door containers are exactly the same as regular shipping containers. However, they have the addition of doors on the side as well as at either end. The doors can cover the entire length, for full side access, or just a small part. This is dependant on the intended function.

ContainerCo we have 40 ft containers, 20 ft containers and 10 ft containers for sale, as well as container hire. We can offer extensive shipping container modification, including side opening containers, NZ wide.

Benefits Of Side Opening Shipping Containers

Having side doors on your shipping container can help in a multitude of ways. Some of these benefits include:

  • Easier loading/unloading – Side door shipping containers are much easier to load and unload. The side access provides more options in how you can load or unload as well as the range of items you can load into the container. If you’re going to be loading/unloading pallets – the side door offers great access for forklifts.
  • Storing larger items – Large or unusually-shaped items might not be able to be loaded into regular container doors. Having the side doors could open up opportunities to store items you wouldn’t normally be able to. Increasing the number and range of items you can store and ship with your shipping container.
  • Easier access to your container – Regular containers only have doors at one or both ends. This makes access to items in the middle or back quite difficult. With side opening shipping containers, you can get to these items much easier and without having to pull a bunch of other things out first.
  • More functionality – Side doors will increase the utilisation of the container and offers you a plethora of optional uses. If you’re building a shop or cafe, the side opening can act as a passageway to another part, for example.

Uses For Side Opening Shipping Containers

Thanks to these added benefits, side opening containers offer a range of practical uses.

  • Storage – Thanks to the easier access and ability to store larger items, these containers are perfect as a storage solution.
  • Transporting Goods – Again, due to the increased functionality and ease of access, transporting items is much easier with a side door container.
  • Alternate Uses – These containers are great if you want to convert them into something else, e.g. Cafe, Bar, Classroom etc. The side access offers a range of options and will prove to be useful if at any point in the future you decide to expand the operation.


At ContainerCo we have shipping containers NZ wide in a range of sizes and configurations. Depending on your needs, you can buy or hire on a short or long term basis. 

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We have 10,20 and 40ft shipping containers for both sale and hire. We also have a dedicated and highly specialised team of in-house engineers. Providing strong and durable shipping container modification solutions. This includes site offices, portable buildings, open-top shippingside opening containers, etc.

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