Shipping Containers As Ideal Portable Building Solutions

Shipping containers as ideal portable building solutions

Shipping containers are the perfect solution for the creation of portable buildings. Originally made for the safe transportation of goods on ships, they have been subjected to a diverse range of customisations. Site offices, portable workshops, classrooms and housing are just a small fraction of the possibilities when modifying a shipping container.

It’s the ideal portable building solution, and here’s why:

Firstly, they are extremely hardwearing and made of steel. Containers can be installed with amenities such as plumbing, heating systems, air conditioning, electricity, insulation and refrigeration. This means livable homes can be made including a kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Large range of sizes

We have shipping containers for sale in NZ that come in a range of different sizes. We have 40 ft, 20 ft and 10 ft shipping containers for sale NZ wide. Our 40-foot container is a high cube container, meaning it’s taller and allows for more verticle space. This is perfect for the addition of full-sized cupboards.

Purchasing containers in NZ can offer a more permanent solution to your needs. However, you can also hire containers depending on if you want the container for short or long term. They can be more affordable than traditional fixed builds and usually take a shorter amount of time to build.

Shipping container modification 

Shipping containers being used as portable housing solutions using a 20 ft container (for sale NZ-wide).

At ContainerCo, we have specialised engineers who are able to customise shipping containers on-site. We can offer open-top containers, side opening shipping containers, and many other container modifications NZ-wide. Not only that, but we can modify our containers on-site for full side access with open sides, flat racks, windows and doors.

For example, if you want a 20ft shipping container with side doors and refrigerated storage, we can customise one for you. This is the perfect solution for cafe’s that need temporary or permanent storage for frozen goods.


A whirlygig and a louve vent can add airflow and reduce the amount of heat in the container. These are necessary for ventilation in office spaces where a large amount of time is being spent. We can even install shelving for the ultimate office storage solution.

It is also easy to buy containers to add to another when more space is necessary. These can be added above or beside. The containers can be transported to and from a site. This means you can start preparing the site before the container is finished.

It creates easy protection from wind and water though weatherproofing by sealing and the painting of the container. This means the container will be both warm and dry. Great for spending large amounts of time or even living in.


At ContainerCo we have shipping containers NZ wide in a range of sizes and configurations. Depending on your needs, you can buy or hire on a short or long term basis. 

Whether it’s one container or 20 containers, everyone gets the same quality service at ContainerCo. We supply whatever shipping container you require to any location around New Zealand. Your container purchase or hire is backed by our full after-delivery support. 

We have 10,20 and 40ft shipping containers for both sale and hire. We also have a dedicated and highly specialised team of in-house engineers. Providing strong and durable shipping container modification solutions. This includes site offices, portable buildings, open-top shippingside opening containers, etc.

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