Preparing a Site for a 20ft Container in NZ

Preparing a site for a 20ft Container

The first essential step is to find a business that has 20 ft containers in NZ. Upon purchasing or renting one, you must have an environment surrounding the container that is both safe and practical. This article is going to help guide you through the process of preparing a site so your container needs are fully met.

Before we begin, it’s essential to know the composition of the ground your shipping container will be based on whether you are purchasing or hiring a container. The earth must be even beneath the container – troubles with opening and closing the door is inevitable if the container isn’t level. Regardless if you’re looking for containers in Auckland or containers in Christchurch – it is important to ensure the container has the best foundation.

Is There Room for the Container?

Considering shipping containers can range in size between 10ft to 40ft, it’s integral that you can find a flat location and can accommodate.

Is the Ground Clear for the Container?

As mentioned above, the ground does need to be in smooth order for the placement to be successful. This will include clearing the area of any debris or objects that may infringe on the placing of a shipping container.

Additionally, the composition of the ground is essential to gauge. You need to ensure that both the shipping container and truck delivering the container will stay above the ground without sinking. Muddy or sandy locations may need supports to be put in place in order to prevent this.

Is the Site Accessible for the Truck?

In continuation from the point of tidiness, the truck will need to access the site. It’s essential to have a path for the truck to both enter and exit. If the container is as large as 40ft, you can imagine the size of the truck required to deliver and set it down.

Are You Giving the Container a Foundation?

Upon clearing the ground for the container, it’s advisable to prepare a foundation made of concrete footings or even wooden beams. Here, we can further ensure there are no irregularities on the ground and provide stability for the container.

Have You Enquired About Railway Sleepers?

Many containers will include railway sleepers, which are wooden blocks that tend to be found in the lower corners. These can keep the container levelled when it arrives. Usually, they’ll be placed in the area you’d like the shipping container to be dropped.

What Happens After the Delivery?

If you’re using a container hiring service, there will be someone who will deliver the container to you. Before the delivery driver departs, they will inspect the container and make sure it is sitting well. This can usually be sorted out with a simple opening of the doors if there’s trouble; that’s an indicator the container is sitting off-balance.


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