Modern Living Solutions Using Shipping Containers.


The modern living solutions created by shipping containers have become well-known. A great option for those looking to purchase and build an affordable, safe home. However, some still doubt the benefits of container modification. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of container living. We will also discuss how shipping container modification can be great to utilise when building or extending your home.

Low cost

One of the main benefits of purchasing a shipping container for repurposing is affordability. With the ability to choose shipping containers for both sale and hire, brand new or used.

Completely customisable

We have a range of sizes available including 40 ft, 10 ft and 20 ft containers for sale. This would be dependent on the amount of land you have available. It would also depend on the purpose of the container. You can choose the container that best fits your needs.

These containers can be completely customised for alternative use. If you plan on creating a separate dwelling – you can add plumbing, insulation, electricity and air flow. High-cube containers can allow for more vertical space. Perfect for adding in extra storage or giving the impression of more space.

Side opening containers in NZ can be personalised with sliding doors for greater indoor-outdoor flow. Windows can be added to bring in light and we even offer refrigerated containers for sale in NZ. Internal walls and doors can be fitted to create separated spaces for rooms and bathrooms.

We can even install shelving for convenient storage solutions and ramps for accessibility.

Here at ContainerCo, we provide the ultimate blank canvas offering a large range of container modifications in NZ. It is especially important to use a trained, experienced and knowledgeable professional. ContainerCo provides high-quality containers that protect from vermin, wind and water.

Soft furnishings and inner design can be easily fitted by the user to create a comforting, warm, welcoming space for working or living in. From chairs and tables to entire couches and beds depending on the space you have available.


Initially designed for transportation over rough, harsh terrain and vast oceans – these high-quality containers are built to be durable and withstand aggressive weather conditions. This means they had to be built to be versatile and easily moveable.

One of the benefits of using a shipping container for a modern living solution is that it is easily moved from location to location. This means it can be a temporary or more permanent solution whether you’re looking for a shipping container to hire or want to purchase containers that are for sale in Auckland, Wellington Christchurch, the Waikato region or NZ-wide.

It also means, if you move house, you can take it with you.

Great for the environment

Repurposing shipping containers can be great for the environment. Used shipping containers have a lot of life left in them and it can be easy to convert shipping containers for your own individual needs. The containers can be treated, painted and altered to look and act almost brand new.

Whether you have just enough space for a 10 ft container for sale or are looking for something a little larger – we have something for everyone.


At ContainerCo, we pride ourselves on providing an extensive range of shipping containers for hire or purchase. Our range of 10ft, 20ft and 40ft containers can be used for various purposes, including shipment, storage or construction, to name a few. Featuring more than just containers in our product range, we also sell accessories and parts for shipping containers to ensure your container can be maintained and repaired after prolonged use. 

Offering specialised containers along with dry standard variations, ContainerCo’s containers include refrigerated, dangerous goods, high-ball, open-top and side-opening options. As a fully-established shipping container company, we also have the facilities to modify purchased shipping containers. Our specialised team can assist you with altering containers into workspaces, cafes, tiny homes or construction site offices. 

We can serve Kiwis across the country with facilities operating in Auckland, Tauranga, Christchurch, Wellington and Waikato. So next time you require a shipping container, make sure to hire or buy yours at ContainerCo today! 

Contact us on 0508 732 873 or request a free online quote today!

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