Senior Management


Ken Harris

Managing Director
Ken’s work in the port and maritime sector has included time at the coal face stevedoring and as CEO at Port Nelson, CentrePort Wellington, and P&O Ports NZ Ltd. Ken has also had senior leadership roles leading supply chain management businesses, a shipping company and a number of Government projects. In 2006, Ken led a management buy-out of NZL Group, and in 2012 the merger of NZL and UCL to form ContainerCo. Ken holds a number of directorships in the supply chain sector and is a beneficial shareholder in ContainerCo.

Rob Pompey

GM – Container Depot

Rob has been in transport and logistics for over thirty years, largely inside ContainerCo or its precursor companies, beginning as a container surveyor, and progressing through to business development.

Currently Rob manages a range of responsibilities, drawing on his exposure to all aspects of the port and container park operations. Most notably, this includes operational management and customer relationships.


Margaret Harris, PhD.


Margaret has a diverse range of responsibilities. Joining ContainerCo in 2017, she is currently involved with information technology, major projects, government relations, and strategic planning. Prior to this, Margaret worked at Monash University in Australia.

Currently, Margaret is a ContainerCo alternative director on behalf of ContainerCo Management Ltd.


Roy Pinto

Chief Financial Officer

Roy is a Chartered account with the Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand | CA ANZ

He has been with the company for the last 15 years. During his tenure with the company, he has been involved with several acquisitions and joint ventures. In addition to the finance functions, he also looks after the insurance and banking relationships for the company.

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