Five Perfect Accessories for Shipping Containers in NZ

Five Perfect Accessories for Shipping Containers in NZ

Shipping containers are some of the most versatile units in the world. The possibilities are endless with everything from 10 ft shipping containers up to 40 ft shipping containers. There are many ways you can modify your shipping container to save many purposes. 

This blog will look into the five perfect accessories for your shipping container. Whether to improve the functionality or quality, your shipping container can get a complete makeover. 

1. Shelving 

Coming in first is perhaps the most basic way to improve your shipping container. Shelves and benches will increase space within and maximise the storage potential. Looking to use your container as a self-storage unit? you may want to explore options of shelf instalments. 

The benefits of installing shelves include setting them up in many different orientations. In addition, you won’t need to worry about weak walls as containers are made from high-tensile steel that can support loads of up 400kg. 

If you’re looking to carry out hard-material work in the container, installing a workbench could also be helpful. Don’t waste your time finding a location that may not even be the right fit for you. Instead, bring your workshop to you. 

2. Whirlybird & Vent Installation 

The addition of whirlybirds and vents will help the container stay healthy for longer. More specifically, if you’re seeking a unit that can store perishable goods – these additions will make for an excellent feature. 

If moisture gets into your shipping container regularly, you’re going to want to make sure that you have the necessary ventilation in place. With no aeration, mould can develop, which is unhealthy for people to inhale. Additionally, rust is also more likely to grow and spread. 

The whirlybird is also a sound investment for your shipping container as the movement creates natural airflow within. The spinning fans will propel a breeze by extracting the hot air and moisture from inside and releasing it outwards. 

3. Windows & Doors

Shipping containers are so versatile that they can be modified to become offices or residences. In addition, in this age of sustainable living, many look more towards shipping containers as buildings and not transportation. 

With the addition of windows and doors, your shipping container can easily be transformed into a: 

  • Garage
  • Tool Shed 
  • Workshop
  • Tiny home

Doors will allow for easy traditional access to the shipping container and increase the amount of natural light within. Finding the perfect location can be a hassle for any workspace – the addition of windows and doors to a container can alleviate these stresses instantly. 

4. Power & Plumbing 

Getting electricity and plumbing installed in your shipping container could be the difference between a workspace and home or eatery. Use these installations as a business opportunity and pursue the dream of opening up a welcoming and comfortable area. 

Recent years have shown that even some international government agencies have identified the potential for shipping containers as affordable housing. The construction of traditional builds can be expensive and resource-consuming. Using materials that already exist will be beneficial from both an economical and sustainable point of view. 


At ContainerCo, we have shipping containers NZ-wide that can be modified in many different ways. Purchasing the container can offer a more permanent solution to your needs. We have 40 ft, 20 ft and 10 ft shipping containers for sale NZ-wide.

We also undertake container modifications in NZ for site office creation and various other portable buildings. Dangerous goods, refrigerated shipping containers, and accessible containers with a side door offering full side access. Open-top containers can also be purchased through ContainerCo. 

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