Dry Shipping Containers

Dry shipping containers are fully closed in from the elements. We have 10 ft, 20 ft and 40 ft dry shipping containers for sale NZ wide. In addition, we also offer short and long term leasing options. General-purpose dry containers are manufactured from zinc-rich steel (which slows the rusting process) and are suitable for most cargo and storage requirements.

Our hire fleet comprises of new, nearly new and refurbished containers that have been professionally surveyed and graded to ensure that your container will be of the highest quality. Additionally, all of our containers for hire come with a lockbox/padlock protector for added security.

We understand the importance of finding the shipping container that’s right for you. As a result, we allow requests of photos for specific containers – allowing the customer to confirm their container before any further progress with the sale or lease.

10ft Containers For Sale & Hire

Storage solutions are not always easy to come by. However, these 10ft containers are perfect for anyone with a small amount of space that wishes to store items for residential, business, retail and dry industrial purposes.

Depending on your intentions with the shipping container, we offer both a general-purpose and high cube option for the 10 ft container. The high cube option comes 0.39m (12 inches) taller than the standard option.

The 10ft container comes either a single or double door option

10ft Shipping Container

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20ft Containers For Sale and Hire

The most popular size of all containers, these high-quality containers are versatile and can be used for many purposes. 20ft containers mostly come with doors at one end, but ContainerCo does have a number of containers with doors at both ends, which makes accessing contents packed to the back of the container easier.

As an ideal option for construction site storage, retail stock overflow, quad bikes, motorbikes, general storage and many more options – you’ll rest assured knowing the 20ft container can help you out.

Depending on your intentions with the shipping container, we offer both a general-purpose and high cube option for the 20 ft container. The high cube option comes 0.39m taller than the standard option.

The 20ft containers come with both a single and double door option.

Dry shipping containers. Buy containers or container hiring.

40ft Containers For Sale and Hire

The largest of our range, these 40ft containers are available for sale or hire. As an ideal method of storage or transport for large objects, these containers come equipped with doors at both ends for easy access.

The 40ft container serves as an excellent secure storage option for cars, retail, stock, archives, farm machinery and anything else you want to keep safe. As the 40ft container is massive, we encourage you to look at our shipping container sizing chart to ensure that the land you have available will accommodate its size.

Depending on your intentions with the shipping container, we offer both a general-purpose and high cube option for the 40 ft container. The high cube option comes 0.39m (12 inches) taller than the standard option.

If you’re unsure about anything, don’t hesitate to call us and ask one of our friendly experts to help find the best container solution for you.

Shipping Container Grades

Economy Grade Containers

At ContainerCo we understand that not everyone is after a brand new container. We have a fantastic range of used containers that are weatherproof and retain their security features. These containers are generally perfect for long term storage or for shipping locally or overseas (subject to having CSC certification).

Whilst these containers are not as cosmetically attractive as new containers, they are still robust and fit for purpose. In many cases, our experienced team will ensure any corrosion areas have been treated and touched up using zinc rich primers and colour matching top coats. Do note, though, that most of these containers will still have bumps, dents, scratches and stains which are fairly typical during the lifespan of a shipping container.

These containers are ideal for people who are budget-conscious and not concerned about physical appearances. We believe in a container for every budget.

Our refurbishing process is second to none; we ensure that the container’s integrity is restored to the best capability it can withstand. As a result, the strength of our refurbished containers is just as robust as near-new containers.

How an Economy Grade Shipping Container Looks
Wind and watertight economy grade shipping containers

Economy Grade Plus Containers

Economy Grade Plus containers are essentially refurbished containers, however unlike regular Economy Grade Containers our team will treat and eradicate any rusted areas internally and externally before repainting the entire surface. Interiors are painted with a water based light grey paint which is approved by Fonterra and other major exporters as suitable for all food products. Exteriors are painted in a choice of 4 standard colours – light grey, dark blue, forest green or brown. You can, of course, have the container painted in any other colour of your choice – simply talk to our expert team or give them a colour sample and we will have our suppliers colour match it especially for you.

These containers are ideal for anyone who is still budget-conscious but wanting a more aesthetic container.

We undertake thorough workshop processes for our ECONOMY GRADE PLUS containers so that they are refurbished to the highest standard possible. We ensure the container’s structural integrity is at its peak, regardless of age, whilst making sure the cosmetic appearance is enhanced.

Standard Grade Refurbished Container - Painted Blue
All rust and corrosion removed standard grade shipping container
This is essentially a Warrant of Fitness for shipping containers

If you are intending to ship your container overseas, your container must be fitted with a valid safety approval plate (CSC Plate).

ContainerCo employs staff who are qualified to the international standards required and registered with NZTA so that they can officially inspect containers and issue CSC Certificates. 

certificate of safe cargo shipping containers

ContainerCo is one of New Zealand’s top providers of shipping container sales and hires, as well as container modification. Our containers are commonly used for pop-up shops and cafes, off-site storage, transportation, portable buildings, portable shipping container accommodation and much more.

If you need your items to be stored or shipped safely and effectively while completely closed in from the elements, you can buy containers from ContainerCo for that exact purpose.

Don’t waste time mulling it over; we have a great team who can talk through your plans and advise accordingly! Free call us today at 0508 73 28 73 or enquire online to chat with us about our extensive range of container options.

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