Dry Shipping Containers. Buy Containers Or Container Hiring

Dry shipping containers. Buy containers or container hiring.

Dry shipping containers are fully closed in from the elements. This makes them beneficial for transportation and safe storage. On the surface, all containers seem relatively similar. They are large, rectangular and made of steel. However, there are many different variations and types to choose from.

Here at ContainerCo, we endeavour to fit you with a container that best suits your needs. We have a range of shipping containers for sale NZ wide in a range of sizes. Hire or buy containers and choose from 10 ft containers, 20 ft containers and 40 ft containers in a range of variations.

40 foot dry shipping container

For example, there are:

  • New and used containers,
  • Open top and side opening containers,
  • ICEBOX refrigerated containers,
  • Dangerous goods containers,
  • And a few other tailored options.

At ContainerCo, we also offer dry shipping containers. In this post, we will talk about the types of dry shipping containers, modifications and benefits of using ContainerCo to meet your short or long term shipping storage and transport needs.

Dry shipping containers

Dry shipping containers are enclosed fully. This means the storage containers are airtight. Except for the addition of a whirlygig or a container vent for added ventilation. This means the contents of the container cannot be contaminated through wind and water, with a lockbox for added security.

At ContainerCo, we offer a range of Dry Shipping Containers, such as:

  • 10 ft shipping containers – These containers are perfect to use when there is not a lot of space available. Use in retail, residential, industrial and in business dry storage for smaller, more compact items.
  • 20 ft shipping containers – These 20ft shipping containers are ideal for storage and transportation of larger items. Such as motorbikes, building items and even retail stock overflow.
  • 40 ft shipping containers – Our 40-foot containers are a spacious, high cube container and a great solution for extra-large items. Store cars, archives, farm machinery and any other large items you may want to keep safe.
  • Economy grade containers – These containers are a fantastic cheaper solution. Free from any major rust spots and corrosion, these containers have been spot primed and certified wind and watertight.
  • Standard grade containers – These containers have been refurbished and painted inside and out.

Find the most suitable container for your needs at ContainerCo.

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