A Guide To Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers

A guide to dangerous goods shipping containers

Dangerous goods are used worldwide and are very important in many industries. There have been disastrous effects when attempting to store and transport such items. It is important to correctly store and handle materials. Especially ones that could be potentially harmful in a safe and cautious way.

How to store dangerous goods

When it comes to purchasing shipping containers in NZ, it can be a very hard and complicated process. Identifying the contents and function intended for the container is the first step. The most common use of containers is for storage and transportation. However, container modifications in NZ are becoming increasingly popular.

Whether you are looking to hire or buy containers, we have many available to suit your needs. For example, refrigerated containers for sale in NZ provide a solution to store perishable goods. We also offer open top and side opening containers in NZ. Different sizes are available, such as the 40ft, 20ft and 10ft shipping containers for sale in NZ.

The range of shipping containers for sale allows a variety of goods to be transported. Dangerous goods shipping containers can be purchased for both hire and for sale. Either new or used.

Why might you need a dangerous goods shipping container?

If you are needing to store goods that may have harmful effects, a dangerous goods shipping container is for you. ContainerCo offers either 10 ft or 20 ft containers for sale that are the perfect solution for hazardous materials. The properties of these materials may put people, property and the environment at risk. They could be a liquid, chemical or any other potentially dangerous item that needs extra care when storing and transporting.

An example of dangerous goods are as follows:

  • Paints and thinners
  • LPG and petrol
  • Pesticides and other harmful materials

Ideal for crates, these containers can be easily accessed using a ramp for safe loading with trolleys, pallet jacks and low mast forklifts.

The ultimate storage units for dangerous goods

Our containers for sale in NZ are made of steel. Durable, wind-resistant and waterproof to protect the contents. As they are up to industry standards, this makes containers last long term and prevents complications from arising.

There are many advantages of using shipping containers to store dangerous goods:


Dangerous goods containers are strong, to protect the contents from elements such as wind and water. These containers are made from hard-wearing sheets of steel.

During transit, containers withstand rough handling, making them highly cargo worthy. Dangerous goods containers have bundled flooring and a spill capacity of 1250 litres. This prevents leakage and slippage.


After the hazardous contents are removed, the container can be reused for other materials, or repurposed into something else. This saves both time and money as new containers are not needing to be purchased every time.

Easy to transport

Dangerous shipping containers do not need special equipment. Therefore they are just as easily transported as standard shipping containers. Benefitting from the extensive infrastructure worldwide.

Can be modified 

These containers are easy to modify which saves you from buying new containers for new projects. A lockbox may be installed to prevent robbery or tampering. Ventilation may be installed which is often necessary for goods that produce fumes.

The dangerous good containers we provide are all fitted to suit your needs. They are designed specifically to protect the inside cargo. As well as the environment and others outside.


At ContainerCo we have shipping containers NZ wide in a range of sizes and configurations. Depending on your needs, you can buy or hire on a short or long term basis. 

Whether it’s one container or 20 containers, everyone gets the same quality service at ContainerCo. We supply whatever shipping container you require to any location around New Zealand. Your container purchase or hire is backed by our full after-delivery support. 

We have 10,20 and 40ft shipping containers for both sale and hire. We also have a dedicated and highly specialised team of in-house engineers. Providing strong and durable shipping container modification solutions. This includes site offices, portable buildings, open-top shippingside opening containers, etc.

Contact us on 0508 73 28 73 or request a free online quote today!

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