20 ft Shipping Containers For Sale In NZ

20 ft shipping containers for sale in NZ

As one of the most popular containers, our 20 ft shipping containers are used for a large range of purposes. These containers benefit from being large enough to store a wide array of items. Yet are also small enough to be placed in a limited amount of space. On offer for both sale and hire, they can also be transported using smaller vehicles.

In this article, we outline the variations, benefits, uses and modifications for this versatile container.


The 20 ft containers come in five different variations of the standard cube containers. These include:

  • General-purpose shipping containers – These containers are ideal for construction site storage and everyday household items.  Retail stock storage, motorbikes and other types of general storage are also great to be used in these containers.
  • High cube shipping containers – These containers are great because they still take up a limited amount of space. The benefit from these containers is that they provide a larger amount of vertical space. This means that taller items can be stored.
  • Open-top shipping containers – These containers are beneficial for transporting goods that exceed the height of the container. A tarpaulin cover with steel truss rods is used instead of the traditional steel roof.
  • Side opening shipping containers – Our containers that have a side door offer full side access to the interior. This is beneficial as it allows for the storage of a wider range of goods. It also makes it great for loading and storing goods on pallets.
  • Dangerous goods shipping containers – Made with bundled flooring, these containers are very useful. Including storing chemicals and liquids or potentially hazardous goods.

Benefits of 20ft shipping containers

Shipping containers were originally made for transportation via boat. This means they were made to be durable, vermin and weatherproof. These large steel containers offer a diverse range of storage solutions. Offering transportation from one site to another, they can also be modified to meet the individual needs of the purchaser.

What can these containers be used for?

The containers can be used for multiple purposes, however, the most common uses are:

  • Storage solutions – Protected from wind and water, these containers offer ideal storage solutions. They take up a relatively small amount of space and can store almost any item. They can be provided with a lockbox to help prevent tampering and ensure the contents are kept safe. Our refrigerated storage containers are great for storing temperature-sensitive goods.
  • Transportation – These containers were originally crafted for long periods of travel over the Ocean. Made to be easily stackable and durable, these containers protect the goods inside from getting damaged or pilfered.
  • Modification – Outside their usual purpose of functionality for storage and transportation, shipping containers have also been subject to a significant modification. Converted into site offices, portable workshops to homes and living spaces!

20 ft shipping container modifications


The primary use of containers is still shipping goods. Modified shipping containers can be used for a range of unconventional uses and has become popularized over the past 20 years. This is due to the lower cost of shipping containers in comparison with building a new fixed structure.

The containers provide the perfect foundation as they are already designed to be solid, unmoving structures. This makes them beneficial for moving to a different location.


At ContainerCo we have shipping containers NZ wide in a range of sizes and configurations. Depending on your needs, you can buy or hire on a short or long term basis. 

Whether it’s one container or 20 containers, everyone gets the same quality service at ContainerCo. We supply whatever shipping container you require to any location around New Zealand. Your container purchase or hire is backed by our full after-delivery support. 

We have 10,20 and 40ft shipping containers for both sale and hire. We also have a dedicated and highly specialised team of in-house engineers. Providing strong and durable shipping container modification solutions. This includes site offices, portable buildings, open-top shippingside opening containers, etc.

Contact us on 0508 73 28 73 or request a free online quote today!

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