NZ-Wide Shipping Container Self-Storage Units

10, 20 and 40 ft Shipping Container Secure Self-Storage

Moving home or office and need to store your household or business effects for a week, a month, a year?
Fed up with warehouse delays and simply want a cost-effective solution for storing sales stock?
Need to store your items, but prefer not to have to make multiple trips to your storage unit?
Got surplus materials or stock and don’t have the space to keep it?

If you answered YES to the any of the above, ContainerCo can help you. 

With our twelve depot locations throughout the country, we can not only hire you a 10ft, 20ft and 40ft container to pack your goods into, but we can also store the container at our premises short or long term. Tell us if you need regular access to your items or no access at all, and we can structure an arrangement that suits your needs. Rest assured knowing that your container will be safe and secure within our facility. 

If you have a lot of bulky items to store, make things easier on yourself and have the shipping container delivered to your doorstep. You can fill it up at your own pace, save time and gas on the multiple return trips, and reduce the stress of moving and storing your items. Ring us, and we’ll move it to our onsite secure storage premises, or to a destination of your choosing.

You can either unpack the container into your own vehicle item-by-item, or we can have the full container delivered anywhere in New Zealand to unpack at your leisure. Once empty and you wish to off-hire the container, we can arrange to return the container to our local stock or deliver it to the nearest ContainerCo depot on your behalf to save you the cost of repositioning back to the depot of origin.

If you have awkward or bulky items, let us know. Our special shipping containers might just reduce a lot of headache in your packing! Our side opening, double door, and four door options can provide you with heaps of easily accessible space.

There is no time limit on how long you can keep your full container with us – special long term rates can be negotiated, giving you the peace of mind to work at your own pace to find your new place.

Own your own container and wish to store it with us? – no problem at all. We can provide the  most competitive storage rates for your container.

Leave the Transporting to Us!

Our shipping container relocation service will remove the stress and hassle of removing and transporting your container.

If you’d like to fill up your goods onsite, or have it relocated and stored in a different part of the country, let us help. 

We have specialised equipment to aid in the delivery, removal and transport of your shipping container so you know it is in good hands, and that your items will be transported safely and efficiently.

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