How To Prepare Your Land For A Shipping Container

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You’ve decided to rent or purchase a shipping container in Auckland, and now what? Preparing your site for delivery is key to ensuring that everything goes according to plan. There are several factors to consider before requesting your container to be dropped off. 

This blog will go through the essential steps one should follow before delivering a 10, 20 or 40 ft shipping container. The larger the container, the more clearance will need to be undertaken. By the end of this article, you will have everything you need to ensure your operation can continue.

Access For The Truck 

Depending on the size of the container, a huge truck may be required to deliver the container – especially if you’re looking for 40 ft containers. There must be a clear path for the vehicle to enter the site and leave the site without too much hassle. To ensure safety and ease of access, the truck should enter the site with 5m of clearance on every side of the vehicle.

Clearance of Obstructions

In continuation to the above, there needs to be a total clearing of any object that is in the way of the path. If this is a construction site, all tools, materials and people should be at least 5m away from the suggested path of the incoming truck. 

Keeping items just temporarily away from this path will save you the trouble of damage or losing time in the schedule.

Ground Inspection For Seasonal Change 

Depending on the length of time your container will be on the site means you may require a more thorough inspection of the site. Consider the long-term landscape and ensure that the ground won’t alter too much in the wet months. 

Softer grounds may sink if the soil gets too wet. This could damage your belongings and accessibility to the container.

Ensure Flat Surface

Flat surfaces are integral to reducing the chances of damage. Considering 20 ft containers can weigh as heavy as 2.2 tonnes, having items caught under them can damage the container and even the object it’s sitting on. 

Along with the flat surface, you’ll also need to ensure adequate space to open the doors. As each of the doors can be opened fully, you’ll need to measure out the maximum “wingspan” to make sure that no obstructions will occur.

Install Blocks For Stability 

Blocks made from plywood or other materials will be helpful when you get your shipping container. This will aid in stabilising your container and also ensure that any objects on the underside will not cause damage. 

Another benefit is that the blocks will ensure no moisture is trapped underneath. Too much moisture can affect the structural integrity and accelerate the degrading process. Blocks will also keep the door frames square and allow for smooth door operation. 

It’s very important that you have the site properly prepared when the drop-off takes place. It can be very difficult for the container to be adjusted once it has been laid down. Have several checks and balances in place to ensure that you have prepared the site correctly.

Inspection After The Delivery

Once the container has been delivered, you should go through a safety checklist and confirm that everything is safe for the container to be used. Showing due diligence is very important for both you and your team. 

Depending on where you purchase the container from, the team at the depot should also be very knowledgeable of the vital safety measures.


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