How A 20 ft Shipping Container Is Packed For Transportation

How A 20 ft Shipping Container Is Packed For Transportation

Looking to use your 20 ft shipping container as a mode of transporting items? Perfect! While this is the ideal method of transiting items from one location to another, packing everything in can be a mission. The last thing you want to do is stack items irregularly and waste precious space.

The article will guide you through the best way to stack and pack items into a shipping container. Efficiently packing your shipping container will ensure that your contents arrive safely. After this blog, you’ll be knowledgeable on everything you need to store and stuff.

1. Heavy Items Should Be Stacked At The Bottom

Storing the heavy items at the bottom protects the more delicate items from getting crushed. Also, when you do get around to moving the container, you can be sure that the movement won’t cause the heavy object to break other items below.

Keeping the heavy items in the corner of the container is also wise as there is more stability when the item is up against two sides. Avoid stacking anything heavy in the middle as this provides absolutely no support to keep it standing upright.

2. Balance Weight To Increase Stability

When a container is loaded onto a truck by a crane, there’s likely to be quite a bit of swaying. To avoid any mishaps within, ensure that the weight has been distributed evenly. If the driver has to take a sudden break or even a tight corner, a lot of force can be generated within the container, leading to precious items being very vulnerable.

Take advantage of the small metal rings that sit on the wall of each side of the container. Use tying cables to tie items down if you think certain objects may be fragile or have the potential to damage others. Securing heavy items should be a priority, even if you feel they are stable.

3. Keep Your Contents Tightly Packed

In continuation from the above, there won’t be enough ties to ensure that every single item is tied to the walls. Take the initiative to pack whatever you can in bundles. If everything is loose, you’re more likely to have items fall or get crushed and damaged.

It all comes down to our childhood skills at Tetris, think about what blocks can go where. Maximising your space will benefit both you, the safety of your belongings, and the efficiency of the task at hand.

4. Decrease Chances Of Condensation

Condensation can cause a lot of damage to the contents within a container if appropriate precautions are ignored. Avoid packing anything on days that are raining, damp or humid – otherwise, moisture will get inside before you even begin the transit.

As a precaution, we recommend that you dehumidify the container prior to the loading of items. This way, you can reduce the moisture content and decrease the chances of degradation occurring to both the container and your items.

As an alternative, moisture traps and desiccants can also decrease the moisture content. To make it simpler, these items can also be hung up on the metal rings within.

5. Keep A Record Of The Container Weight

Depending on the size of the crane available, you may want to be cautious about how much is in your container. A 40 ft container, for example, can weigh up to 4 tonnes when it’s empty alone. Stacking and packing items within to the brim could see a very hefty weight at the end.

It is integral that you have the necessary equipment and tools to ensure a safe transfer from the truck to the ground or vice versa. For example, if you have a 20 ft container in Auckland and you need to transport machinery or other heavy items, you will almost certainly need a large industrial level crane.


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