How Shipping Containers Are Used For Construction Projects

How Shipping Containers Are Used For Construction Projects

Shipping containers are extremely common on work sites during construction for several reasons. It definitely shouldn’t surprise us that many developers and project managers look for resourceful shipping containers to assist in project development. 

Senior construction officials should keep their eye out for shipping containers due to their versatility on-site. This article will outline how shipping containers help alleviate the stress of construction work environments and how they can give sites the appropriate space for planning. 

1. Practical Storage of Materials and Equipment 

Whether residential or commercial, building requires substantial material and equipment. When leaving tools and contraptions on-site, you’re going to want to have a dedicated location where expensive parts are housed for the evenings. 

Most shipping containers for sale or containers for hire will come with effective locking systems that are secure for overnight storage. Even repurposed containers are robust enough to be considered weatherproof during the harsher seasons. 

The convenience of shipping container storage is also a massive advantage compared to your standard brick and mortar sheds that can take weeks to build. Instead, simply liaise with your desired container depot to drop off the shipping container at your site. 

2. Break-Out Room For Construction Workers 

Construction workers can work in brutal conditions through blistering heat and the wettest of mornings. It’s only fair that the workers have an area to give them a quality break from the elements. A shipping container can provide your workers with their needed rest. 

The possibilities for a quality spot are endless as container modifications can be employed to allow for makeshift breakrooms, lunchrooms or even a bed or two. Amendments also mean that more windows can be cut out of the frame for better ventilation during the summer months. 

3. Health & Safety Area

With so many dangerous pieces of equipment present on a construction site, having a dedicated area for incidents is more than appropriate. Unfortunately, while safety is at the absolute forefront of any operation, accidents can still happen. 

Construction sites are compelled to provide at least one first-aid centre. Why not make the area well-established in the form of a shipping container? Some of the 10 ft containers for sale would make for an exemplary health & safety station. 

4. On-site Office

Whether it be the project manager or foreman, a construction site needs a dedicated office for the project heads. In addition, handling administrative tasks can require a legitimate office space. Insert a shipping container to make everyone’s life easier. 

More than just a shelter, the shipping container can come modified with air-conditioning, desks, files, and internet. People who most likely would use the container as an office would include: 

  • Project & logistic managers
  • Architects 
  • Contractors 
  • Store managers
  • Accompanying personnel 

5. Bathrooms 

Of course, several portable bathrooms can be placed on work sites. However, they are prone to getting exceptionally hot, smelly and dirty. Workers engage in blistering conditions to get projects done; it’s only fair that they have a restroom worth their time. 

The containers can be sculpted into one or more proper bathrooms that feature standard amenities like a toilet, sink and perhaps even shower for occasional use. A shipping container bathroom will be leaps and bounds more hygienic than a portable toilet. 


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We also undertake container modifications in NZ for site office creation, break rooms and bathrooms and various other portable buildings. Dangerous goods, refrigerated shipping containers, and accessible containers with a side door offering full side access. Open-top containers can also be purchased through ContainerCo. 

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