How Shipping Containers Are Helping The World

How shipping containers are shaping the world.

Shipping Container versatility can’t be overstated. Thanks to the range of shipping container modifications available, as well as the different types of containers available, people have gotten incredibly creative in their implementation.

We know all about the container homes, bars, restaurants, pop-up shops, site offices, storage solutions and other such uses, but less publicised is how cargo containers are helping to bring much-needed resources to third-world countries and those in need.

Shipping Container Clinics

Third world countries and communities in more remote locations don’t have access to the high-quality medical care that we take for granted. When they get sick or injured they rely on local knowledge or perhaps face a huge journey to the nearest qualified medical practitioner.

Thankfully some innovative folks have turned to converting shipping containers into portable clinics that can be taken to or near to these isolated places. With 10 ft and 20 ft containers being easily moved (or 40 ft containers for more populated areas), this seems to be the perfect solution to providing basic medical care to remote villages and less fortunate communities.

These clinics have also been set up to great effect in disaster situations such as floods or earthquakes where medical assistance is required urgently but the regular clinics have been destroyed or damaged. Things like lock-boxes and dangerous goods containers allow the safe storage of medicines and contaminated materials.

Shipping Container Classrooms

Thanks to the speed with which they can be ready to use and the lower cost compared to building a regular classroom, many remote villages and poorer communities around the world are being provided with shipping containers converted into classrooms.

Entire schools can be built in a fraction of the time it would take to build a regular school and at a much lower cost. These schools can include multiple classrooms, libraries and even kitchens and cafeterias, all made entirely from repurposed shipping containers. 20ft and 40ft shipping containers are large enough to accommodate a large number of students, meaning nobody will be left out.

These are just a couple of ways modified shipping containers are helping those less fortunate. If it has inspired you or given you some ideas, at ContainerCo we have 10 ft containers for sale, 20 ft containers for sale and 40 ft containers for sale in Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, Hamilton and NZ-wide!


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