How A Shipping Container Can Be Used As A Garage

There is a growing trend toward building homes out of existing shipping containers. However, garages made from shipping containers are now on the horizon. We live in a world with an increasing trend toward sustainability and recycling materials. Subsequently, there have been several examples of people converting 20 ft and 40 ft shipping containers into vehicle storage. 

This blog will outline how a container can be converted into a garage and why you should consider this growing trend. This article will also outline a few additional materials you should consider if building a brand-new garage is on your mind.  

How Is A Shipping Container Garage Made? 

Thanks to the simplicity of the design of a 20 ft shipping container, they can be used to make nearly anything. As a result, garages have become a trendy addition to the shipping container world. Why exactly? Many homes that are built these days don’t always come with a garage. Instead of paying a large amount of money to have one made, you could save quite a bit by using existing shipping containers. 

Technology has progressed to allow for shipping container modifications. The steel shell of 10 ft, 20 ft and 40 ft containers are incredibly versatile and can be moulded into several structures. The most common design of container garages involves at minimum two high-ball containers. Here, they can be connected by two walls (with one side on each container removed) to expand the length. This method allows for more than one car to fit inside.  

However, there are even more simple designs to build a carport from two shipping containers. Having two containers sitting at a given width apart allows a roof to be secured on top. Perhaps the most convenient method of building vehicle protection – this way is definitely the most cost-effective. Additionally, this method also leaves open the possibility of a tandem garage. 

Why Should You Consider Building A Shipping Container Garage? 

Aside from the obvious cost-saving strategy, using a shipping container garage is a more sustainable approach. There are many shipping containers out in the world which are neglected and gather rust and dust. Building a garage out of these available metal boxes will assist in reducing the presence of dumped steel in the world. 

Additionally, a well-appointed shipping container garage will give your vehicle the security it deserves. As the container will need to be modified to fit your car inside, it can also be further modified to increase security. 

Shipping containers in Auckland are very common, particularly at the port, and there is very little security needed due to their impregnable materials. This makes shipping container garages the ideal solution for those who have dream cars, motorcycles or other vehicles that need exceptional protection. 

Are There Other Materials That Can Be Added For A Shipping Container Garage? 

As mentioned above, several further modifications can be made to a shipping container garage. Firstly, before any addition is made, you should be aware of weatherproofing. 

Next, you’ll likely want to add a robust door to your shipping container garage. Several companies can design doors to fit certain specifications. As this garage will be made from fortified steel, you won’t need to worry about the strength and durability of your terminal. 

Lastly, windows, extra doors and insulation are other features that can be installed to give your garage that extra touch of comfort. The garage will allow for better light within and increase the ventilation within the structure. ContainerCo is not only able to carry out modifications for the shipping containers for sale, but we also sell individual shipping container components. 


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