Corporate Responsibility

ContainerCo is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen who responds to the needs and expectations of our stakeholders, including our customers, employees, contractors, government agencies and the public.

In order to achieve this we have robust policies and initiatives in place to manage our employment practices, workplace health and safety and environmental protection.

We aim to be a responsible employer, and have demonstrated our commitment to our people through:

  • Resourcing a dedicated in-house health and safety team to develop and manage our workplace health and safety systems.
  • Achieving tertiary accreditation in the ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices scheme.
  • Implementing a robust workplace drug and alcohol policy across all sites.
  • Provision of an Employee Assistance Programme enabling employees to access free, confidential support 24 hours a day.
  • A recognition programme to reward employees for their performance as well as recognising employees with long service.

Our commitment to our environment is also evidenced through:

  • Maintaining and upgrading our depot surfaces to minimise the impact on those around us.
  • Minimising dust issues during dry periods by engaging water carts.
  • Recycling scrap steel and aluminium to prevent them heading to landfill
  • Substituting solvent-based paints for water-based paints for the vast majority of our container painting activities.
  • Managing our bio-security risks through meeting the Ministry for Primary Industries Standards for Transitional Facilities.
  • Operating our own fleet of electric trucks to reduce carbon emissions and lower noise pollution
  • Committing to the Installation of solar lighting units – aptly named Glow boxes – in all of our Depots before the end of 2022

ContainerCo recognizes the importance of continuous improvement, and we regularly review our policies and processes with regard to safety and the environment.

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