A Guide To Different Types Of Shipping Containers

A guide to the different types of shipping containers.

In this article, we will provide the ultimate guide to different types of shipping container. There are a large variety of sizes, structures and functions available. Containers play a huge role in economic development and recently have become a possible living solution. No matter what you are looking for there are many different containers available.


We have many available sizes of shipping containers for sale in NZ. The most sought after are 20 ft containers and 40 ft containers. 10 ft containers, although overlooked – provide a great option for smaller, more compact spaces. This makes them great for everyday storage and transportation.

High cube containers are extremely popular and are similar in dimensions to regular containers. However, they have more height meaning more vertical room inside. These taller containers are much more comfortable. As a result, they are more spacious for converting containers to liveable spaces. They are also great for storing vehicles or larger cargo.

Open-top containers

These containers resemble regular general purpose containers with one difference. The roof is replaced with a tarpaulin cover. This allows for much more vertical space for taller items or loose contents to be stored.

The tarpaulin protects the goods from wind and water. As well as this, the removable cover makes it easy for loading and unloading. Cranes and other machinery can easily move any heavier contents. Loose material can be loaded straight into the open top.

This includes items such as machinery, gravel and dirt.

Side opening containers

These are also similar to a general use container. The container has been modified to have a side door as well as the regular doors at either end. The side doors can span the entire length of the container or a small section. This is dependent on its required use.

Side opening containers in NZ offer many advantages. One of which is easier loading/ unloading as there is more access to the items. This makes moving the items much quicker and more efficient. The side doors also allows larger or more oddly-shaped items to be loaded into the container. Which normally wouldn’t have fit through the end doors.

This container allows full side access for loading or unloading of pallets. Making it a great option for businesses. 

Refrigerated containers

Otherwise known as reefer containers. These containers are equipped with a refrigeration system that is able to keep items at a constant internal temperature. They come in a variety of sizes, notably as 40ft or 20ft shipping containers for sale.

There are a range of items that can be stored in reefer containers such as food and plants. Buying or hiring these containers makes the storing of temperature-sensitive goods much easier. Refrigerated containers for sale in NZ make the range of goods able to be stored much greater.

This makes them great for storing excess stock for a cafe or transporting food. 

Dangerous goods shipping containers

When looking to hire or buy containers, it is important to consider the contents needing to be stored. Dangerous goods containers were built to hold hazardous items and ones at risk of leakage. These containers are very secure and durable. These have a high spill capacity and are reinforced with steel. They keep both external and internal environments safe. Making them suitable for paints, oils and other chemicals and flammable items.


At ContainerCo, we pride ourselves on providing an extensive range of shipping containers for hire or purchase. Our range of 10ft, 20ft and 40ft containers can be used for various purposes, including shipment, storage or construction, to name a few. Featuring more than just containers in our product range, we also sell accessories and parts for shipping containers to ensure your container can be maintained and repaired after prolonged use. 

Offering specialised containers along with dry standard variations, ContainerCo’s containers include refrigerated, dangerous goods, high-ball, open-top and side-opening options. As a fully-established shipping container company, we also have the facilities to modify purchased shipping containers. Our specialised team can assist you with altering containers into workspaces, cafes, tiny homes or construction site offices. 

We can serve Kiwis across the country with facilities operating in Auckland, Tauranga, Christchurch, Wellington and Waikato. So next time you require a shipping container, make sure to hire or buy yours at ContainerCo today! 

Contact us on 0508 732 873 or request a free online quote today!

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