A Guide To Buying Shipping Containers In New Zealand

A Guide To Buying Shipping Containers In New Zealand

Purchasing shipping containers in New Zealand can be a complex and overwhelming process. This comprehensive guide is designed to help simplify the purchasing process to make it both easier and prevent any complications from arising.

What is the shipping container going to be used for?

One of the first things to do when purchasing a shipping container is to identify the purpose. The most common uses for shipping containers include storage and transportation.

Containers are made of steel and designed to be durable so as to protect the goods inside. This makes them the ideal solution for storage as it keeps the items dry and protected from the elements such as wind and water. They are also sealed to prevent vermin from gaining access. Differing variations of containers allow for a diverse range of options for different goods.

For example, our refrigerated containers offer the perfect solution for the storage of perishable goods. Our dangerous goods containers also offer a solution for the storage of chemicals, liquids and potentially hazardous goods.

Their design also makes them ideal for the transportation of goods. The containers are easily picked up, stackable and can be locked together with a twist lock. Historically used for shipping goods, these containers can also be transported using vehicles right to any location. This makes them ideal for moving homes and transporting goods locally or overseas.

Modified containers can be used for a larger range of purposes. This includes site offices, portable buildings, toilet/ shower blocks and specialised storage units. Our on-site specialised engineers can tailor a container for your specific needs and shipping container modifications in NZ. This includes windows, doors, ventilation, plumbing, electricity and insulation.

Do you need the container temporarily or permanently?

Once you’re clear about the purpose of the container, it’s important to establish whether you need the container permanently over many years or just temporarily. If the container is just needed temporarily, such as an excess of stock, then the best and most cost-effective solution is to hire the container.

If you need a modified shipping container or plan to use it for a large amount of time, the best solution is to purchase a shipping container. As these containers are so robust, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Different kinds of shipping containers

Once the use and length of time the container is needed is established, it must then be decided what kind of shipping container is necessary. These functional containers come in a range of different variations:

  • General-purpose shipping containers – These containers are weatherproof and vermin proof. This makes them ideal for the transportation and storage of goods. They also come with a lockbox to prevent tampering and add security.
  • Open-top shipping containers – Open-top containers are perfectly designed for items that exceed the height of the container. They come with a removable tarpaulin cover with steel truss rods.
  • Dangerous goods shipping containers – These containers can be used to transport and store chemicals, liquids and potentially hazardous goods. They come with bundled flooring with a spill capacity of 1250 litres.
  • Side -opening shipping containers – Providing a side door for full side access, these containers are beneficial for storing goods loaded on pallets.
  • Refrigerated shipping containers – These containers offer refrigerated storage for temperature-sensitive goods that need to be transported or held. These come in either chilled or frozen variations for both sale and hire.
  • Flat-racks – Used for transporting large, or oversized goods, these shipping containers provide a safe solution. Easily collapsible and stackable, they have also been used for temporary bridge replacement during storms.
  • High-cube shipping containers – High-cube containers can be useful for the storage of taller items, offering a larger amount of vertical space.

Different sized shipping containers

Knowing what sized container you need involves knowing the containers use. Simply put, if it is being used to store larger items, a larger item will be needed.

At ContainerCo, our containers come in a range of different sizes:

  • 10 ft containers – Used largely for retail, residential, business and industrial storage. These containers are perfect for when there is a limited amount of space available.
  • 20 ft containers – These containers are the most popular and frequently purchased. Suitable for storing household items, site storage and motorbikes.
  • 40 ft containers – These containers are perfect for the storage and transportation of larger goods such as cars and farm machinery.

These are just some of the considerations that need to be made when purchasing a shipping container.


At ContainerCo, we pride ourselves on providing an extensive range of shipping containers for hire or purchase. Our range of 10ft, 20ft and 40ft containers can be used for various purposes, including shipment, storage or construction, to name a few. Featuring more than just containers in our product range, we also sell accessories and parts for shipping containers to ensure your container can be maintained and repaired after prolonged use. 

Offering specialised containers along with dry standard variations, ContainerCo’s containers include refrigerated, dangerous goods, high-ball, open-top and side-opening options. As a fully-established shipping container company, we also have the facilities to modify purchased shipping containers. Our specialised team can assist you with altering containers into workspaces, cafes, tiny homes or construction site offices. 

We can serve Kiwis across the country with facilities operating in Auckland, Tauranga, Christchurch, Wellington and Waikato. So next time you require a shipping container, make sure to hire or buy yours at ContainerCo today! 

Contact us on 0508 732 873 or request a free online quote today!

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