10 Foot Shipping Containers – Benefits & Uses


10 ft shipping containers can be extremely useful when you don’t have a lot of space to work with or you don’t need to transport or store a large number of items. They are exactly half the size of the 20-foot containers which is roughly half the size of a single-car garage.

Their size and portability make 10ft containers popular for small space secure storage applications, but they can also be modified for many different uses. Because 10-foot units aren’t common in commercial shipping, many second-hand ones are made by chopping 20 ft containers into 10 units and adding doors and back walls. Also, only purpose-built 10’ units can be shipped, a chopped down unit cannot be certified for shipping.

At ContainerCo we have 10ft shipping containers for sale NZ wide as well as shipping container hire options.

The specifications for our 10ft containers for sale are as follows:

  • Tare Weight: 1200kg (approx.)
  • External length: 3.05m
  • External width: 2.44m
  • External height: 2.59m
  • Internal length: 2.79m
  • Internal width: 2.35m
  • Internal height: 2.39m
  • Capacity: 15.89m3
  • Payload: 8,960kg (approx.)
  • Total weight: 10,160kg (approx.)

Uses For 10 ft Containers

The smallest of containers can be used for various things, including: 

Shipping Goods 

Of course! It’s what its original purpose was, so it can still be used for transporting your items from one place to another. The containers are cargo worthy and wind and watertight and can even come with extra accessories like secure lock boxes for extra security.


Our smaller size makes it easier to find a home for the 10 footers on your commercial or residential property if you’re looking for a secure storage option.


Thanks to the endless amount of customisation options available, you can modify your container to suit a large range of needs. At ContainerCo we can provide shipping container modifications NZ-wide, just tell us what you need!

10 ft Shipping Container

Benefits Of 10 Foot Shipping Containers:


The smaller size of these containers makes it much easier to find somewhere to place them and can save you time and money.


An incredible compactness of these units allows them to be much more viable for transport. 


Our containers are made from high-quality steel, ensuring your items are safe and the container lasts a long time.


ContainerCo has shipping containers NZ wide and in a range of sizes and configurations. Depending on your needs, you can buy or hire on a short or long term basis. 

Whether it’s one container or 20 containers, everyone gets the same quality service at ContainerCo. We supply whatever shipping container you require to any location around New Zealand. Your container purchase or hire is backed by our full after-delivery support. 

We have 10,20 and 40ft shipping containers for both sale and hire. We also have a dedicated and highly specialised team of in-house engineers. Providing strong and durable shipping container modification solutions. This includes site offices, portable buildings, open-top shippingside opening containers, etc.

Contact us on 0508 73 28 73 or request a free online quote today!

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